Our Expertise and Know-How

One of The World’s Leading Producers & Suppliers of Pumps, Water Treatment Controllers, and Metering Pumps

With manufacturing facilities around the globe, we are ready to apply fluid technology expertise to a wide variety of industries and applications.

As a global manufacturer, Milton Roy has two goals in mind: integrating its equipment into larger systems that meet the needs of local and multi-national companies in the water and wastewater treatment markets, hydrocarbon processing industries and in power generation; identifying new markets and applications for its products.

To satisfy both goals, Milton Roy continues to apply R&D emphasis on product developments, finding solutions to application problems through improved functional design. Key to Milton Roy’s success is its commitment to the customer through a global network strategically positioned around the world and providing application expertise and engineering support.

Technological Advancements & Design Improvements

Metering pumps have undergone a significant evolution since the first unit rolled off the line at Milton Roy. Most design improvements have centered on liquid end materials and configurations.

More recently, enhanced pump drive mechanisms have been developed. Single and double diaphragm pumps are available with liquid end choice dependent on the need for completely isolating the liquid being pumped from the liquid end of the pump for corrosion, sanitation or contamination reasons. Design changes have also included the addition of stroke adjusters that, at any setting and at constant speed, will maintain flow rates within 1% of the initial stroke setting.

Also, whereas Milton Roy Sheen’s prototypes required manual adjustment, today the pumps can be tailored for automatic operation through pneumatic or electric control. Remote stroke adjustment can also be provided via programmable controllers to maintain some desired relation to another process variable such as pH or conductivity. The automatic stroke adjustment option also provides a record of stroke settings that can prove valuable.